Wind Farm in Curacao, Netherland Antilles (2010)    Worked with researchers from the Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity (CARMABI) to document the echolocation calls of bats occurring on Curacao.  Instructed researchers in acoustic call analysis.  Also, assisted researchers in the installation of acoustic detectors (Binary Acoustic Technology) on met towers.












Wind Farm in Honduras (2009 - 2010)    Conducted baseline, seasonal surveys of bats with both mist-netting and ultrasonic acoustic monitoring using Binary Acoustic Technology systems.  This project is a pre-construction assessment of bat presence and relative abundance. 













Population Assessment of the USFWS Endangered Mariana Fruit Bat (Pteropus mariannus) (2010)    Assisted the United States Geological Survey in an assessment of the numbers of fruit bats on the Northern Mariana Islands for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  Methods to document the numbers of bats include; direct count methods at roost sites and during emergences, and thermal imaging during dusk activity.