Mission Statement

Zotz Ecological Solutions is dedicated to delivering quality scientific research and expertise in the field of wildlife issues for wind energy developments and spatial analysis for mapping biodiversity and conservation priorities.

Company History

Zotz Ecological Solutions was formed in response to the growing need for research and consultation to address the recognized impacts that wind energy has on birds and bats.

Since 1998, Iíve been involved in the study of bats and their biology, natural history and ecology.  My experience has been throughout the United States with a focus in the west and southwest where I worked with a number of organizations such as the United States Geological Survey.  Additionally, Iíve performed ecological studies of bats at international localities in Central and South America.

In the fall of 2004, I had the unique opportunity to work for Ed Arnett of Bat Conservation International on the groundbreaking Florida Power & Light Mountaineer Wind Energy Center which was the largest wind energy facility east of the Mississippi River at that time.  This project provided the basis for the first comprehensive study of the interactions between bats and wind turbines.  My participation in this project included observation of bat activity and interactions near operating wind turbines using infrared thermal imaging cameras and ultrasonic detectors.  

As a result of this study and many others, the need to perform pre- and post-construction bat monitoring for proposed wind developments became a priority. 

Zotz is derived from the Mayan word for 'bat' (sotzí or suzti) and which also comes from Camazotz in the Mayan creation story, the Popul Vuh.  Camazotz is a god of the underworld who takes the form of a large human-bat.  Zotz is represented in Mayan hieroglyphics as the head of a leaf-nosed bat. 

Why 'Zotz'?

I chose this name because bats are the reason I was able to start this company, that is with the rising demand to perform bat monitoring at wind energy developments.  And my fascination with bats is as old as my biological research experience. 

Thermal imaging recording of bat activity near operating wind turbines.  © Merlin D. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International, www.batcon.org
We have provided services for some of the nation's leading wind energy companies such as:


     FPL Energy (NextEra Energy Resources)

     FPLE Canadian Wind, LLC

     AES Seawest Windpower, Inc

     Gary Energetics

     Clipper Windpower

     Third Planet Windpower

     DKRW Wind

     Sunrise Enterprise Renewable Energy Development, LLC